Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Twitter follow all script

This is sample jquery script for follow all twitter followers. If you use this too often, you will be blocked by twitter.

In your browser open list of followers who you want to follow. Open console:

lMozila Firefox: CTRL+Shift+K (JS)
Chrome: CTRL+Shift+J (console)

Google Chrome console
Copy and paste this code. Press enter and wait. Scroll down list. If you want to follow fast, change parameter 1000 (ms) to your time.

jQuery('.stream .btn > span.follow-text').each(function (i, ele) 
{ ele = jQuery(ele); if (ele.css('display')!='block') 
{ console.log('vec prati:', i); return; } 
setTimeout(function () {; }, 1000); } );

You can also unfollow all

jQuery('.stream .btn > span.following-text').each(function (i, ele) 
{ ele = jQuery(ele); if (ele.css('display')!='block') 
{ console.log('obrisan iz pracenja:', i); return; } 
setTimeout(function () {; }, 1000); } );

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