Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Simplify – Simple and Clean WordPress theme, review

This great free theme you can find on the WordPress site,it’s a great theme for small business or portfolio sites,and a great solution if you don’t want to spend money on buying themes.A Great way to save your money and keep the quality,this theme is responsive and you can run it on all devices, that’s a great fact for a free theme!


featured-imageThe Theme is fully responsive for all devices, your visitors can enjoy your site/blog whenever they want.
Theme responsivnes is very important for owners and visitors, today everybody uses their phones or tablets to surf the internet, when you don’t have a responsive site, visitors won’t visit your site anymore, they want clean and simple responsive sites, with this theme you offer them that!


CaptureThis Theme has got a cool slider, clean and simple with some extra effects. You can change the slider options in your WordPress dashboard and set up the slider you’ve ever wanted! Why is the slider so important? It’s not “important” but it’s something like a final touch for your blog, it makes it look better and powerful!

Great homepage

CaptureThe first two boxes on the homepage will help you to show your visitors some recent posts and something about your company or your blog,great clean and simple boxes. Feel free to edit the options for them like you want, in the theme options you can change anything you want!


CaptureUnder the two boxes you will see great posts/pages excerpts and of course a sidebar, everything about this theme is elegant, simple and clean, like this!
You can modify the sidebar in your Widgets area on WordPress Dashboard. You can also change the lenght of an excerpt of a post or even a page. Simply, this is the most beautiful free WordPress theme you will find!


Social icons

At the end of a theme, footer, you can see a simple and clean social bar with icons(google,linkedin, youtube, RSS..),it’s a great way to share your content and your web on social medias which is today the most important thing in bloging!



If you want to download this theme just click button below!


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