Thursday, August 17, 2017
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How to schedule post in WordPress

Well you know about scheduling posts on your Facebook page, you can schedule post’s in WordPress too. It’s maybe some kind of a hidden option but you can, and it’s nice i think… I do that on my other sites, one day in a month i spend all day writing posts and later i schedule them for a whole month so i can chill 🙂 Let’s see how to schedule posts in WordPress, it’s so easy you can’t even imagine..

When you’r done writing your post in the right upper corner you will see a box just like on the picture bellow.Click on “Edit” the link next to “Publish immediately” text.

slika 1

Now you will see new options, you can edit the time and date that you want to post on your text.

slika 2

When you set the time click “OK” then click on “Schedule” button.

sllika 3


That’s it, now you have scheduled your post on your site/blog and you can schedule as much posts as you want. Stay tuned!

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