Thursday, August 17, 2017
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How to reduce size of picture

This is not an average tutorial in which you will find out how to make your large pictures actually small, in size they use on memory of course( we won’t change the dimensions 😛 ). So how much is this important for your blog, it’s very very important, you want to hear why?
Well i work in speeding up WordPress sites for my clients and the problem number one are the large pictures, there are pictures up to 3MB, that’s not smart! If you want a fast site your pictures need to be optimized, they need to use the minimum of your WordPress memory and that’s the RULE! I will share this story with you guys, my first WordPress site was so slow, i can go to the toilet and do my job until my site loads u[ and P.S i’m talking about BIG the job in the toilet… So i wanted to change that, i Googled that problem and i found out that my pictures are too large.My results on Google Speed Insights was 17/100, after reducing sizes my result was 84/100,a big change right? So i won’t bother you anymore, let’s see how to do that!

Of course you need to a choose picture, after that go to a site named  Dynamic Drive Image Optimizer and upload your picture by clicking on the “Choose File” button, just like on the picture bellow.



Now don’t click “Optimize“, from drop down menu “Convert to” choose “JPG” (if your picture isn’t .jpg format already). Now you can click “Optimize


Now you will see a bunch of new pictures, let me describe you what’s that, take a look at the picture bellow.


Now scroll down, you will see all the pictures, you can figure the changes in the quality of each picture but you can also see how much are they actually small after this, choose the picture you want to download then use the old way to download it ( right click + save image as… ). Remember .png uses much more memory then .jpg so i recommend you all to .png pictures change to .jpg, you will save up to 90% without any changes in quality. I hope that this was helpful, stay tutioned!


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