Thursday, August 17, 2017
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OrangeLine – Blogger theme review

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You have a blogger blog and you want to make it look even better, like it’s not a blogger? This theme is what you really need, maybe the best Blogger theme you can download for free, i use this theme on all my Blogger blogs and i’m amazed! Today we will see how nice this theme truly is and what it has, let’s go!


CaptureIn the Layout settings you can change them for the right and left sidebars, the two sidebars make this theme even better! You can play with widgets and make a really nice blog out of your imagination, this theme can follow your imagination and do whatever you want!






Simple and clean main menu

CaptureMain menu is really nice, clean and simple, like it’s supposed to be! You can edit the menu in the theme Layout settings and just play with it, make whatever you want! You can also edit the default Homepage text in HTML.


CaptureWith .xml document of theme you will get slider to,an extra simple and clean slider that will make your blog look even better and more powerful.
Sliders are not that important but they are something like a finishing touch for your blog, this theme slider is awesome and it’s really easy to edit and add your custom images, just explore the document a bit!

Social Icons

CaptureNext to the slider you will find also a social icon document, you can add it to your theme whenever you want! Those icons are located in the header above the ‘search’ box, they are cool and they give you a chance to collect your visitors on one place, social medias! Social medias are very important today, facebook pages are one of the best strategys to get traffic on your site, with this social icons your blog will be 100% prepared for SEO and visitors!


CaptureHeadings in this theme are special, if you don’t know what’s heading,you will find out in the Blogger dashboard. This theme has got a little different heading, heading 2 is more styled and better. You can use Heading 2 for something extra important in your text or to even make your own post look and concept, feel free to play!


CaptureStandard Blogger comments are located right under the post or a page, that’s cool because when your visitor reads a whole post he must see the comments and he will maybe comment and begin a discussion about your post which is great!





You can download this extra theme by clicking button below!


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