Thursday, August 17, 2017
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How much time you need to set up good WordPress site

Hey dear visitors, you asked me “How much time do you need to set up a good WordPress site” so i’m going to answer it.. ONE DAY! Yes it seems crazy but it’s real you can make a good WordPress site in just one day or even in one hour, it’s all about how much you know right? I know WordPress well so i can make good WordPress site in about 30 minutes, but how much will you need?

How long you work with WordPress


First i will ask you, “How long do you work with WordPress”, so answer this question, one hour, one day, couple of days, one month, one year, couple of years, since 1393. ( woho you must be professional) … WordPress is easy, yes it’s easy and i don’t think you need to be talented to learn it, you can find everything you need about WordPress, first here on DiTution of course then on the all other awesome sites. Learning WordPress is all about searching the web, you want something to work then type in Google “I want new favicon on my wordpress site”, BOOM! In next 10 minutes you’ll learn how to add a favicon to your WordPress site..  You can make whatever you want, just imagine it and search it on Google if you can’t find it, huh, you must make it on your own by coding which is a little bit harder!  So let’s move on to another question…

What you want

The Second question is “What do you want”, yes for real, what the hell do you want? What kind of WordPress site, is it a simple blog or an complex internet shop? You can’t spend the same amount of time in making a blog and making e-commerce platform, so if  you want an answer on the question “How much time do you need to set up a good WordPress site” you must know what kind of site do you actually want. For making a blog you need around 10 minutes, it’s all about installing WordPress but if you want to make your internet shop you will need much more time and knowledge. So i think that you get the point, write the answer on a piece of paper.


Do you have a plan

The Third and the last question i will ask you is “Do you have a plan?”, or do you just want to install a random WordPress site put an bunch of content on it and start earning or seeing some results? No no, hold on cowboy, it’s not like that! For making a good project, not just WordPress, you need a plan, you need a goal and stick to it. So let’s see, you want an internet shop on e-commerce theme you will need to

  • Find e-commerce theme
  • Learn how to work with that theme
  • Install useful plugins
  • SEO optimize your site
  • Find articles
  • Add articles
  • Make audience
  • ….

Now you think, it’s better for me to play with LEGO… No, hell no, don’t be scared, we all need to start from something.. When i was a beginner i didn’t even know how to Publish a text so i tried to Google it but i didn’t find it because no one asked for that, everbody can see a big big big Blue( it’s not blue but whatever)the PUBLISH button…


So don’t even think that you’re the only one who doesn’t know anything about WordPress, life is long, you can learn WordPress until death if you want. I’m kidding, you will need about 2-3 months to learn WordPress very well and you can help others just like me.  So write your answer on the piece of paper.


So now look at the piece of paper,the answer on the question ” How much time you need to set up good WordPress site ” is right in front of your nose, oh you can’t figure it out? My answer is, i don’t know… It’s all about how much you know, what you want and do you have plan, you can make a WordPress site in 10 minutes or in 10 years.. So thank God DiTution is here, this site will help you with making your WordPress site so all you got to do is to follow me step by step through every single tutorial and you will learn! Now make a change, build your dream site, it will be fast( approximately 10 years)! 😀


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Dimitrije Zivadinovic (Di)
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