Thursday, August 17, 2017
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How to make another blog on the same Tumblr account

How to make another blog on the same Tumblr account

umblr is one of the biggest platforms for making free blogs, you can make whatever you want and you don’t have any limits! A lot of you asked me “How to make another blog on the same Tumblr account”, well… If you think that for every new blog you need a new account, you are wrong, basically you just need one account for a bunch of blogs but your first blog is primary and the others are secondary. Before we start with the tutorial i recommend you to read some Tumblr rules for making secondary blogs on the same account. .

Now when you know all the rules and informations about making secondary blogs on the same Tumblr account we can learn you how to do that. Just follow me step by step and you won’t make any mistakes.

Create new blog

When you are logged in your Tumblr Dashboard you will see a small arrow in the right upper corner above the number of your posts, click on it and you will see a new small window with “Create a new blog” link, just like in the picture below. Click on that link and we can go to the step 2.


Tittle and link of a new blog

Now you will see a new page, here you need to choose a Tittle for your new blog and link. You have one extra option, password protect blog, if you want to enter a password every time you start editing post on your new blog just check this option and enter the password you want, i really don’t want this checked. Click on the “Create a blog” button.


And that’s it now you have your new blog and you can invite people and give them permission to post on your blog or even edit your blog if you give them an “Admin” status. And if you ask me, secondary blogs are just for small projects with no future, if you want to start a real blog make another account and relax!

Things you need to know

1. When you have a secondary blog everytime you want to post something on your blog you need to chose that blog from dropdown menu, just like in the picture below.


2. It doesn’t matter wheter you have one or two or three blogs, your account informations are the same, password, email and username, it’s all like it was before. If you have 120 followers on your primary blog you won’t have the same number on your secondary blog, you will need to collect new followers.

So i hope that this tutorial helped you, explore the Tumblr and enjoy in your blogs, sky is the limit! Stay tutioned!

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