Thursday, August 17, 2017
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How to install WordPress via Softacolous

Hey guys, in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to install WordPress on the easiest way, via script named Softaculous. Today every panel has this script so why don’t we get the maximum from it, why should someone spend minutes and hours on manually installing WordPress and making database,when with Softaculous you can set up your site in 5 minutes without any problems.

First step

tut 1

First you need to log in into your cPanel with an username and password(ofcourse).Now when you’re logged in, scroll down untill you see a section named “Software/Services”. Click on the Softaculous icon.

Second step

tut 2

When you open the Softaculous you’ll see “Top Script” list where is WordPress on the first place, point WordPress and click install.

Third step

tut 3

When you click install you’ll get this window where you need to fill out some informations about your new WordPress blog or site, it’s really simple so lets go!

Chose Protocol, leave it like it is(http://). Choose Domain, here you need to put domain where you want to install WordPress, in my case it’s “”. In Directory, you need to leave this empty.Database Name, enter a name for your new database where your new WordPress site will be, it doesn’t matter how you named it. Table Prefix, leave it like it is, don’t touch anything. Now you need to give a name to your site and description, it’s very simple i don’t need to explain anything there. Enable Multisite (WPMU), leave it unchecked. Admin informations, here you need to make a new admin account for your new site, username/password/email,its really simple i think. Select Language, here you need to select language for your new WordPress site/blog. And last step is Limit Login Attempts, leave this unchecked for now. Now click install.

Fourth step

tut 4

Now you need to wait about 3-4 minutes for  WordPress to install on your domain.

Fifth step

tut 5

When the installation is over you will see this message, your WordPress site is ready for using! Now go to your and login with your admin informations from the third step.

tut 6

Now you’re in WordPress dashboard where you can make whatever you want and start bloging! Enjoy!




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