Thursday, August 17, 2017
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How to improve the security of your WordPress site

Well guys a lot of you ask me, “how can i protect my site”, “how to have great security on my site” and stuff like that, well let’s talk about that! Blog is your virtual home, you can make money from it or just have fun writing posts, you really don’t want security problems right? Well, me neither, you need to take some basic steps to protect your blog from hackers. WordPress is now the platform that hakers love the most, so watch out! Let’s see what we can do about it…

Change Username

Well step number one, for me the most important, don’t leave your blank Username (admin). You MUST change it, it takes you about a minute but that can stop hackers from entering your site. Use your custom Username(eg. dogiblix, tarintula, welliloveme), it’s not hard to remember your own Username right? How to change it? Well, there are two ways:

  • If you haven’t installed WordPress yet in the installation process you can change your Username.
  • If you already have WordPress go to your cPanel > phpMyAdmin. Now select the database where your site is, click on wp_users link in the left sidebar menu and click edit, now here you will see “admin” change it like you want.



Use strong password

It’s very important for you to use a really strong password, combine numbers with letters. I don’t say that passwords with just letters are bad but hackers can more easily find out that type of password than letters+numbers or even some extra signs. Let’s see some examples of strong passwords:

  • ThisIsSoStrong295Password
  • well’idont+=said6123tha.t
  • DiTution987IsGOOOD%%as##hell

 Update WordPress

It’s very important to update your WordPress every time new update’s come out, every update brings some security fixes. Just spend 2-3 minutes on updating it, you won’t regret it!

Choose good Hosting

When you buy Hosting places you need to find best solution’s for you, it’s very important that your Hosting Provider keeps server up to date and cares about customers. I recommend you to use more famous Hosting providers like BlueHost, HostGator etc.

 Limit login attempts

You should limit your login attempts, it’s the best way to figure when someone’s trying to log into your WordPress site with wrong Username/Password, i recommend using “Limit login attempts” plugin for this security tip.

Change login adress

With “Rename WP-Login” plugin you can change your default login page, by default it’s, hackers can just type that and they are at your login page and they have already done 50% of their job, so don’t help them! Use a strong WP-Login adress and protect your site.


Well this where a few basic steps in making your site more secure, for more security i recommend you to search for some extra plugins like iThemes Security, it’s great! Stay tutioned!

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Dimitrije Zivadinovic (Di)
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