Thursday, August 17, 2017
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How to Fix WordPress Login problem ( “You have logged in successfully”)

Hey there, today we will show you how to fix WordPress login problem, you know that annoying message “You have logged in successfully” when you want to login? Well, we hope that you don’t need this tutorial but in case you do, this will help you a lot! First of all, when you spot this login problen it doesn’t have any connection with hackers and fact that your site is maybe hacked, it’s “simple” WordPress Login problem and no-one knows what causes him. Let’s see some solutions!


Clear cookies

The best way to find the problem is to start from the simplest step, in our case we will first try with clearing cookies. Why this? WordPress uses cookies on every session, even when you logging in, so there is maybe some problems with your cookies. Go to your browser and delete cookies, if you use chrome – click or mozilla – click, restart your browser and try it now? It should work!

Deactivate All Plugins

Same problem even if you done solution number one ( cookies ) ? Let’s try second solution, try deactivating all of your plugins, in all my cases plugins were problem. Okay, you think now “Man i can’t access WordPress Dashboard, how you think i can deactivate all plugins?!”, well there is a simple way to do that. You need to go to your cPanel or FTP, now go to the “wp-content” folder and rename folder “plugins” to “plugins_bro“, this will deactivate all of your plugins. Try to logging to your WordPress site. If you succeed it means that one of your plugins causes the issue.

Revert back to the Default Theme

In some cases the one who cause this issue is your theme, so you can fix it with reverting back to your default theme. The process is similar to deactivating all plugins ( solution from above ), go to your “wp-content/themes” folder and find theme you use, rename name of the theme ( ex. “sahifa” to “sahifa_back” ). Once you have done that WordPress won’t find theme so it will return your site to default theme, now try to logging to your WordPress site.

Delete .htaccess file

Sometime .htaccess file can cause problems with WordPress logging, some of plugins edit your .htaccess file and when you deactivate them those lines in file are still on the same place. To solve problem with .htaccess you should back it up on your desktop then delete it from cPanel. Go to, if it logging in simply go to Settings > Permalinks and click Save, it will generate new .htaccess file. We’ve made backup of your .htaccess file in case you have some important lines there.


There can be much more causes but those are the most common, if those solutions didn’t worked for you feel free to comment, we will help you! Stay tutioned!

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