Thursday, August 17, 2017
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How to get more reblogs, followers and likes on Tumblr

Everybody wants to have a lot of reblogs, followers and likes on Tumblr posts, is that simple? Yes of course it is, i will post some tips and tricks how i get a lot of reblogs, followers and likes on Tumblr, it’s all 100% fair and there’s no fake likes,followers or reblogs. These tricks are simple, you don’t need some extra skills or time, just couple of minutes and you’re done. Now follow my tips and you will get bunch of reblogs, followers and likes on Tumblr post..


You want to post a picture,a quote,a text or an audio, for more reblogs and likes.All you need to do is to put a bunch of tags targeted to your content. Why tags? Tag is a word that describes your content, example you post a picture of a dog and in the tag you type “dog”, when someone searches on tumblr for the term “dog” your picture will come out. So, put a lot of tags targeted to your content, reblogs and likes will come fast!



Caption on pictures

Captions are a good way to collect reblogs and likes and the best way to collect followers, what are captions? Captions are small descriptions below your pictures on Tumblr, so now when you have a bunch of tags you need to put a caption that will link to your blog or something you want, you will get followers, reblogs, likes and traffic for your blog or your nother site.. Caption shouldn’t be just a link, put some words, some text, describe the picture and put the link at the end of the caption. Look for a nice example below, “my blog” word is the link to my blog or some other site.

capture 2

Popular niches on Tumblr

To collect bunch of reblogs, likes and followers you need to have the most popular niche on your blog.When you get bunch of traffic you can earn some nice money from your blog. I searched a bit for you guys,and i will post a list of the most popular niches of this year for Tumblr blogs. Now you can make a blog about that niche and start developing it, but try to be the most uniquely you can!

  • Luxury pictures
  • Women’s clothes
  • Art
  • Skateboard
  • Design
  • Quotes
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Cars
  • Little mix
  • Justin Bieber

Try to make a blog with those niches, i hope that you’ll get bunch of traffic and followers!

Follow similar blogs

When you choose your niche and start posting pictures, texts, audios and quotes you need to follow similar blogs. Why? Because they will follow you back if you have nice content like they have and at the end they will reblog your content.When they reblog you it’s like they promote your blog.. This is a great way to get a bunch of reblogs, likes and followers.



You need to be active and interactive, try to reblog posts you like from others, like posts you love or start following nice blogs. Send them messages by Tumblr “Ask” section, it’s a nice way to start talking to others and start building your Tumblr “empire”. As you become more active in the Tumblr community, the activity on your own blog posts will follow and you will get exactly what you want, followers, reblogs and likes. Avoid spamming or fake promotions, all they want is to get followers and reblogs, they wont promote you at all, tricks like follow4follow are dummys and you won’t get nice results!

capture 3

That’s it, i hope that this tutorial helped you and that you will get more reblogs, likes and followers on your Tumblr blog! Don’t forget to ask for tutorials, we are here to help you!

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Dimitrije Zivadinovic (Di)
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