Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Blogger or WordPress – Which is better for blogging?

There are so many blogging platforms but we choose the two best platforms for blogging, WordPress and Blogger, which is better for blogging? That’s the question you asked us so today we will bring you our answer and our opinion. And for Tumblr and TypePad lovers, we don’t say that your favorite platforms isn’t good, we choose WordPress and Blogger because most of newbies use them for blogs or business sites,the main reason for that is just the fact that Blogger and WordPress are the two easiest platforms for blogging.  Which is better, Blogger or WordPress for blog?


Blogger is Google’s blogging service that means that you can make any blog just by having Google Account, that means that Blogger is 100% free to use which is a great thing for new bloggers.  Blogger is very easy to use, you can add posts and build your blog with lot of nice content and add some extra pictures into your posts. On the internet you can also find a lot of Templates for your Blogger blog and simplie add them to your blog/blogs,but just to know,the design of your Blogger blog is very important,the visitors love nice design! And what about SEO ranking, a lot of people say that Blogger is better for ranking because Google loves his own product and wants to popularize their Blogger, well it’s not true at all and let me explain you why it’s not true. In the beginning Blogger was a killing machine for rankings but when a lot of people started to use Blogger to make spam blogs for afillate programs and copyright content, Google realized that so they started to give a value to paid domains and hostings ,today Google doesn’t spend too much time in developing the Blogger and that’s the reason why the fact “Google is a better ranked for Blogger blogs” isn’t true. One also important note is that your Blogger blogs are safe, Google will protect them.Well let’s see benefits and disadvantages of Blogger.


  • Blogger is 100% free
  • Blogger is easy to use
  • Blogger is safe
  • Blogger is Ad Free and you can earn from your blogs
  • Fast loading
  • You can find nice templates on the web
  • Template is easy to edit by knowing some basics of HTML


  • SEO ranking
  • If you don’t follow the rules Google will delete your blog without any warning, you will lost all your content


WordPress is also a free service and you can register your free blog at but if you don’t want to spend money on the domain and hosting and you want to earn from your blog  i will recommend you Blogger because doesn’t allow ads on your free blog,  now we will talk about using WordPress on your domain and hosting which is also free and most important so that you can show ads on your site. How much you need for domain and hosting? About 15$, well it’s cheap and you will get some extra features! You can download the free WordPress for your site by visiting, install your blog by this tutorial and start blogging. Now let’s talk about WordPress…  WordPress script is absolutely free and you can use it on how many sites you want, like Blogger WordPress is really easy to use and you will need about 2 hours to learn some basics, WordPress has much much more options that Blogger doesn’t and that’s the reason why more serious sites use it. You can find millions and millions of themes for WordPress, from free ones to premium themes that will blow your mind. WordPress supports custom plugins and widgets that will help you with owning your blog or site. And one of the most important question for true bloggers, what about SEO rankings? Well WordPress is SEO friendly, you can find some great SEO plugins that will help you a lot with on your Seo page , i recommend Yoast SEO plugin and if you want to know how to install it and set it up you can find that in this tutorial all you need for the beginning.  A lot of big sites use WordPress and that’s the reason why i choose it for all of my sites just like this one, their updates always surprise me. Is WordPress safe?Yes it is but when hackers want your site down they will do all what they can so that’s the reason why i choose iTheme Security plugin, it protects me great and i don’t have any reasons to worry about.


  • WordPress is easy to use
  • A lot of perfect themes that will blow your mind
  • It’s better for modifying
  • You can use a lot of great plugins and widgets
  • SEO friendly with a lot of useful SEO plugins that will improve your On-Page SEO
  • A lot of big sites on the internet use WordPress


  • If you use a free blog version of WordPress you have limited options


So who’s the winner?


Well we have two winners in this competition!

  • If you don’t want to spend a couple of dollars for the domain and the hosting but still earn from your blog i will recommend you Blogger!
  • If you want to have a great site and start one serious project i will recommend you to buy a domain and hosting then install WordPress for free!

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