Thursday, August 17, 2017
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BACK TO TOP button for Tumblr blog

The Back to the top button for Tumblr is one of the greatest things you need to have on your blog.When somebody clicks on this button the site will automatically go back to the top and show your first posts. This isn’t complicated but it’s a long peace of code because it includes the javascript code.I don’t own credits for this code. So follow me step by step and i will show you how to add this amazing button to your blog!

Go to Customize > HTML

First you need to log in into your Tumblr dashboard of course, go to customize section  ( tut 7 ) than click the link “Edit HTML” like in the picture below.

tut 8

Paste code

Copy this code then in the HTML document find <head>, use CTRL + F, paste code right under the <head> line. In the begining of the code you can see a green text that says:

controlHTML: ‘<img src=”YOURIMAGEURLGOESHERE” width=”100″/>’, //HTML for control, which is auto wrapped in DIV w/ ID=”topcontrol”

Replace the bolded text with the url of your image, like i did in the picutre below.


Save the file and that’s it! You will have the BACK TO TOP button.

Nice pictures

On this page you can find some nice pictures for your BACK TO TOP button.Feel free to post your custom images in the comments below.


Special tanks to Kyle Monk for the code and to Life no Fear blog.


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