Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Adding a cursor

Do you want to change your cursor for other visitors of your blog, make a fancy cursor that will make your blog even better. It’s not complicated to do this, just follow me step by step and you will have it!


First of all, like always, log in into your Tumblr dashboard and press the button customize ( tut 7 ), now choose edit HTML like in the picture below.

tut 8

Paste code

Now when you’re in your code just find  body { , use search(ctrl+f). Right under the  body { line paste this code.



Edit code

Now when you paste that code in your HTML document you need to change the CURSOR URL.png line with url of your cursor. You can find cursors here or here.When you find a cursor on those websites just right click on the image and COPY IMAGE URL, paste in the code and that’s it.


Now save your file and enjoy in your new cursor, i hope that this tutorial helped you!


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Dimitrije Zivadinovic (Di)
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