Thursday, August 17, 2017
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How to Add YouTube Subscribe button

Do you have a Youtube channel for your WordPress blog? It’s time to share your Youtube channel with your visitors, it will bring more subscribers, views, likes, engagements etc. But you’r wondering “How to add Youtube Subscribe button” ? Well in this article we will show you how to do that in two ways!

Way number one: Manual adding Youtube subscribe button code

First you need to visit the Youtube subscribe button page, scroll a bit until you find “Configure a button” area just like on the picture bellow.



You just need to enter a Channel name or ID in your first field, just like i did(50 cent). Now you can change layout and theme, do you want to show number of subscribers or not, you can play with those two options.


When you get what you wanted copy the code from the box. Now go to your WordPress site, log in into your Dashboard and go to Appearance » Widgets.


Add a Text widget to your sidebar or wherever you want the subsrcibe button too show up,then paste the code inside the widget and save your changes.

Way number two: Adding via plugin

Another way is adding a channel with plugin, it’s a little easier. First you need to download and install plugin named  “YouTube Subscribe Button“. After installation and activation go to Appearance » Widgets, you will see a new widget named YouTube Subscribe Button, drag and drop the widget to sidebar or wherever you want.


Here you need to enter your Youtube channel name or ID, you can also change layouts (same like in the first way). Save changes and enjoy in your new subscribe button. Stay tutioned!


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