Thursday, August 17, 2017
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How to add music player to Tumblr blog

Today everybody is using internet, so much blogs, sites, portals and there is a bunch of free platforms to create your own blog, like TUMBLR! When you set up your blog exactly like you want then there is one thing missing, MUSIC. Everybody loves good music and visitors of your blog will be pleased with nice music. Choose the best music that describes your content on your blog, rock, metal, jazz, rap, pop,it doesn’t matter, just music! In this tutorial i will show you how to add a music player to Tumblr,  follow me step by step and beautify your blog!

Choose song/s

Log in into your tumblr account first, now go to Youtube and choose song or couple of songs that you would like to have on your blog. It doesn’t matter how long they are..

tut 1


Online tool

Now when you’re done with choosing the songs you need to go and in the main menu choose “Player”.


Setup Wizard

Now let me describe you what this is, is an online tool that will help you with posting music anywhere you want. All you need is to put song links from youtube and setup some easy settings about your new player. Your player can be shown on the bottom or top of your page, it’s your choice.


IIn this tab you can choose a skin for your player, depending of the color of your blog you can edit this. It’s easy, just check the box of the skin you want! There’s an option if you have a custom skin for your player you can link it, example, remember the skin must be in .css format! When you’re done click “Next”



Now here you need to put an URL of your songs(from youtube,sondcloud and mp3). In the first box,the box you need to enter the Song title in the second URL. If the default amount of boxes for the links are not enough you can add more by clicking the option “Add more Songs” like in the picture below. You can also add your playlist from Youtube and SondCloud,the same way like with separated songs(input link). You can preview the sound of your song or delete it if you want,when you’re done click “Next“.


Final Settings

Now,the final step and the final settings. Here you can modify some settings. Check the Autoplay box if you want your  music to start automatically when visitors come to your site/blog. If you want your song/songs to play random and not in any particular order. You can also choose the volume of your songs. In the drop-down menu you can choose repeat options for your player. In the next drop-down menu you can choose do you want your player to show on the top or bottom of your site/blog. And last, if you want your playlist to be shown on the right side of your blog you can check this but i won’t recommend you to check it. When you’re done just click the button “Done“.

tut 5

Copy the code

When you click done you will get a code for your Tumblr blog. Copy the code and go to your Tumblr Dashboard.



Now when you’re on the Tumblr Dashboard you need to go to the “Customize” section( tut 7) and click Edit HTML link like in the picture below.

tut 8

Paste the code

You need to paste the code under the <body> line in your theme code, now hit CTRL + F and search <body>.Right under that code past your code like i did in the picture below.

tut 9

Now save your changes and enjoy!





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