Thursday, August 17, 2017
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How To Add An Author Or Admin To Your Blog

You have a big blog on Blogger and you want some help from your friends? Well, give them an author or admin, they can help you on their computers with their Google accounts. But be careful with permissions you give them, they can destroy your whole blog. Before we begin lets see the difference between adding an author and adding an admin on your Blogger blog. When you add another blogger as an author they are able to write posts on your blog but this is the only area they have access to, so they will just write some articles for you and they can’t play with your design, settings… When you go one step further and allow that person to be an admin on your blog they then have full access to you blog: layout, permissions, template, just like you.
It is very important to allow only people you trust the access to your blog, especially on admin position. Sometimes people steal blogs this way, they can take your admin and then the whole blog belongs to them, you don’t have any permission to that blog…Now when we know what’s the difference let’s learn how to add an author or admin to your blog.

Add author

First you need to add an author, it’s easy, on your left side you will see a standard menu, go to the Settings. You will see a new window, at the end of that window you will see “Permissions” area, here you can add authors, just by clicking on option “+ Add authors. In the new box you need to enter the author’s email address. Just like on the picture below.


Just click on “Invite author” and an invitation will be sent to his inbox, once he accepts your invitation he will be the author and he can post articles on your blog. This is how the invitation mail looks like.


Upgrading to admin

Now when you have an author and you want to give him the admin permissions you need to go back to the Settings and you will see drop down menu in his box, choose option “Admin” and click on it. Author is not the author any more, he’s the admin and he has all the permissions like you do, he can even take off you admin.


Delete an author or admin

When you don’t want help anymore you can delete the admin or author permissions from your friends or whatever. Just click on “X” and that’s it, just take a look at the picture below.



I hope that this tutorials helped you, stay tutioned and remember, don’t believe anyone, sometimes blogs are gold don’t lose them!

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Dimitrije Zivadinovic (Di)
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