Thursday, August 17, 2017
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10 Must have WordPress plugins

Are you looking for the 10 must have WordPress plugins? Well here we are, in this article we will show you a couple of plugins you really need to have if you want a perfect working site. Enter this new 2015. with quality plugins and start earning money or get some kind of benefits from your WordPress blog or site. Plugins provide the best experience for your visitors and they usually replace your work. So enough talk, let’s just see the top 10 must have WordPress plugins!

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

wordpress seo by yoast


WordPress SEO is the most important thing you should think of when you make a blog right? So you MUST have this plugin on your site, or pay some experts to do the job. With this plugin you can manage all your posts, pictures and pages, everything will be optimized! There is a useful tutorial “How to Install and Setup WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast” that is the one thing that will help you!

2. W3 Total Cache


Next to SEO your site’s speed is a very  important thing you should think of, you don’t want your visitors to leave your site just because it’s too slow, right? When the time passes a lot of junk files are stuck in your memory, those are cache files, you should delete all that stuff but how? With W3 Total Cache plugin, this is the best plugin for caching your page!

3. WP Smush it


We were talking about how much picture size affect on site speed , and you learned how to make your large pictures into small ones. But what happens when you already have over 300+ pictures on the memory and you don’t have the time to process them one by one? Use WP Smush it, this plugin will reduce size of all your pictures and you will see how much that affects on your site speed…

4. iThemes Security


And of course it’s not everything about SEO and speed, security is also one of the bigest problem’s with WordPress, a lot of hackers know to send down big portals running on WordPress. You need to have proper security, by installing iThemes Security you will got it!

5. SEO Friendly Images


A lot of users just forgot to SEO images they upload on their blog. Plugin SEO Friendly Images will help you with that. This plugin actually automatically updates all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes for SEO purposes.

6. Akismet


You make your blog and after 5-6 days a lot of comments come to your sites, usually those comments are promotions and spam, did this happened to you? I think yes, Akismet plugin will help you with this problem, well known plugin which detect spam comments and move them to the trash!

7. Jetpack by


A product from, Jetpack by will give you a lot of new options for your blog, customization, traffic, mobile content, and performance tools. It’s simple, free and safe, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t install this plugin!

8. WP Optimize


Another plugin that will help you with your site speed, WP Optimize.  This plugin will optimize your WordPress database and speed up working of your site. It’s free, it’s simple, and safe, you can check some extra options for extra optimization, but always before optimization you should do quick backup!

9. SumoMe


SumoMe is a type of plugin that will help you with building your e-mail list, it’s easy to use, it’s free and really useful. Mail list is a very important thing, you can sale things, promote something and much more just by mailing your visitors. Next to mailing this plugin has got some extra features, check it out!

10. Ad Inserter


And of course, you want earnings? Ad Inserter will help you with placing ads/codes/pictures on the place you want it, it’s very simple and useful! Did you know that ads inside the text brings up to 70% more clicks than sidebar ads? With this plugin you can insert ads in all your posts just in one-two clicks!

I hope that this article helped you guys, with those plugins you can sit back and enjoy without worries about anything. P.S this is not some kind of promotion, this is a top 10 must have WordPress plugins based on my experience! Stay tutioned!


About Dimitrije Zivadinovic (Di)

Dimitrije Zivadinovic (Di)
Hey there, I'm Dimitrije Zivadinovic and this is my blog! I am a blogger, and.. No i am just a blogger, i know something about blogging platforms and i wanted to share my knowledge with you. If you have anything to ask me, feel free to hit me up via social media or leave a comment down bellow!

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  1. I have some different combo,

    Just change the Akismet to Anti-Spam by webvitality
    Cause: Akismet put garbage data in database. and make the DB so mighty.
    Need regular cleaning of akismet grabage data in database

    W3 Total Cache to WP super Cache
    Reason: If you don’t have memcache or CDN facility, WP super cache is very useful with mod rewrite.

    It can cache with query string even with mod rewrite. W3 total cache drains huge ram compared to WP super cache

    I themes security to Bulletproof Security
    Reason: It also monitor live traffic, so if your site has large visitor, it will spike your CPU use and RAM. Better give the security with Htaccess and change the DB prefix. change the file permission site is secure, no burden of continuous monitor.

    And Last About SEO friendly image: If your blog has lots of images, that you cannot get enough time to give alt tag “Description” then use it. Or just leave it coz it rewrites every single image meta description with post title. that’s kinda rude.

    Happy Blogging!

    • Dimitrije Ž.

      Hmm, first thank you for commenting 🙂

      Akismet, i love it, it’s easy to use and it’s clean. If you use WP-Optimize from list above you won’t get problems with it but hey, why not? We can try Anti-Spam by webvitality! I will check it soon!

      W3 Total Cache, like you said “if you don’t have memcache or CDN facility” if you have use W3 Total Cache 😀 WP super cache is also very good, just like, Fastest Cache 😀

      iThemes – we can compare those plugins untill next year, a lot of bad/good things about both of them. I trust ratings and number of downloads, right?

      SEO Friendly Images: Just like i said, “if you gave a lot of images”, if you start new site, don’t install this plugin! 😀


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